Community Architecture

At Marble Air, we are committed to creating positive, enduring change in the world by working closely with the communities where we live and work. Whether that’s by investing in new, eco-friendly building methods or donating time to design and drive community self-build projects, we are dedicated to being a community-first architectural company.

Our Community Commitment

We also understand how our work affects the communities we live in. Therefore, we commit to building healthy homes, office and community building projects that blend functionality, comfort and environmentally friendly features. We’re enthusiastic about creating active places for the community that inspire movement, growth and community spirit.

Environmentally Friendly Architecture

We are committed to protecting the environment and minimising the damage done through the design and build of new projects. Sadly, many of the towns and cities we work in are already feeling the effects of climate change in one way or another. That’s why we’re committed to designing and building environmentally friendly, sustainable buildings, communities and cities. We actively research and develop innovative eco-friendly practices that not only reduce the environmental impact of our projects but tackle climate change at its root. It’s a long, ongoing battle, but we are determined to fight it.

Community Building Projects

At Marble Air, we believe safety, secure shelter and support are basic human rights – and just one of the reasons we work with communities to create new centres that can be used to support the local community. From adjusting existing buildings, regenerating older structures or designing brand new ones, our aim is to create facilities that are integrated into the local landscape, with the aim of supporting the local community. We take on the regeneration of old churches, create sustainable, eco-friendly, and low-emission housing, using techniques like up-cycling, recycling and reclaiming materials to lower environmental impact in the community. And because we can work remotely across the world, we can bring the views of an outsider and pair it with local knowledge and experience to create community buildings that work for everyone.

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'When I decided to remodel my house, I knew I wanted something a bit different. Anna designed a great new layout, which turned my boring 70's house, into a fantastic modern, light and bright house, doubling the size of the bedrooms, and opening up the downstairs, producing an area which, as a family, we now use much better. The red cedar cladding on the extension looks amazing - I have had many complimentary comments on the design, from passers by. Anna kept careful records of all costs, and the project only just crept over budget, due to some unforeseen costs. I would recommend Anna to others, as she has a lot of good ideas. Anna also managed the project, which made things a lot easier for me.'

Melanie Seares

'​We have a successful working relationship with MarbleAir; they're driven by design and detail and offer enthusiasm in all their activities. We refer our customers to them and look forward to many years of delivering more successful projects with them.​'​

Darryl Roberts & Mike ​Farquhar
AVINU - Home Technology

'Our dealings with Anna from MarbleAir have been nothing less than a welcome change! Her approach is diligent, resourceful, professional and the ability to take on board new criteria which may not be apparent from the outset. We look forward to working with her on future projects.'

Yen Dai / Environment Logic Ltd