Architectural Services: Do You Need Them When Extending Your Home?

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Architectural Services Do You Need Them When Extending Your Home

Architectural Services: Do You Need Them When Extending Your Home?

Living costs continue to escalate, but architectural services can help smart homeowners to extend existing structures to accommodate growing needs. Many families are opting to add on rooms to care for their elderly members or even for growing young families. A well-designed extension can save a costly relocation.

Having reputable architectural services on your project, there is less chance of running into trouble on many fronts, not least of which, involves permissions from the ‘powers that be’. Alterations and extensions are renowned for causing endless headaches, but if you are thinking of creating an extension to your home, then you’ve found the right page.

Here’s how to halve the stress and double the joy.

What Do I Need To Consider When Planning An Extension To My Home?

Different regulations are set out for homes that are listed buildings or within a conservation area. Architectural services include alerting you to protections extending to the surrounding land related to an existing structure, which allows it to function – the fancy word is ‘curtilage’. Any work you’re hoping to do that conflicts here is still no reason to give up hope. It is possible to obtain consent and again, you really need the pros to guide you through matters as delicate as curtilage compliance.

Having the necessary permissions firmly in one’s hand isn’t the end of the matters under consideration. Depending on the extent of your planned extensions and whether your home services such as water, electricity or plumbing are going to be interrupted, you may need to consider moving out during part of the project.

Here are a few matters arising to review with your selected architectural services:

  • Electrical circuitry – if you’re adding to a kitchen, or installing on into your extension, this will need to be checked our professionally
  • Heating – ascertain whether your existing boiler can cope with the extra demands you’re planning
  • Layout – should your extension mean altering existing driveways or access pathways, factor the cost of that in too.
  • Quotations – don’t be shy on this one. Ask for estimates. All the better if you can find a multi-skilled tradesman to cover all your bases. A good idea is to speak to your architects who will almost certainly have a list of trusted contractors that they prefer to work with.

The right architectural services will prove to be your best friend for all the above considerations, especially if the approval of your home renovations is likely to fall under close scrutiny.

Architectural Services Do You Need Them When Extending Your Home 2

Do I Need Planning Permission for All Building Extensions?

To get in under the radar on this question means finding out whether the type of extension you’re planning falls under ‘permitted development’, in which case you would not need any permissions.

A word of caution, some extensions may fly under the radar on the planning permission front, but there may still be building regulations to factor in. Architectural services are if not fully up to date, at least able to access the regulations for your area so you are not caught off guard.

Do I Need to Employ Architectural Services For Building Extensions?

Usually the answer to the above question would be a resounding ‘yes’, however, there may an instance where an architectural technologist can help cut costs. These are studying architecture but are still busy completing the suitable exams. For smaller, less complex extensions, you’d not go amiss bringing these semi-pros in.

If you are confident you have the building permissions and the scope of the work is within the capability of a building contractor, then give architectural services a miss – these occasions would, however, be rare.

Finally, to be sure, remember to get all the needed warranties before you start building. If faults or structural defects appear later, it won’t count unless you obtained your warrantees beforehand.

It goes without saying that your architectural services would never let that happen to you, so when all is said and done, on the matter of building extensions to your home, do it hand-in-hand with the professionals who can make your dreams come true. Home extensions can make a major difference to the quality of life so, cover all your bases and enjoy moving in.

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