How To Find The Right High-End Residential Architects For Your Home

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How To Find The Right High-End Residential Architects For Your Home

If you Google “high-end residential architects,” you’ll find yourself faced with over 45 million search results less than one second later. So, if the reason you Googled was that you’re looking for a team to take on your new build, extension or refurbishment, you’re probably feeling even more at a loss than before you started typing! How on earth are you expected to find someone to translate your dream home from ideas in your head to breathtaking finished project in amongst all that?

Choosing the right high-end residential architect is arguably the most important decision you’ll make during your entire project. You need someone who understands your dreams and visions, and who can take them seamlessly from idea to drawing board to planning permission to building.

Whether you’ve never worked with an architect, or have previously used one for a build, extension or renovation, you’re entrusting them with what will ultimately be your home and sanctuary. It’s critically important to choose wisely.

Not all architects are created equal, and they each have specialities or strengths in certain areas. The home they create for you can literally change your life, and you want to make sure that change is a positive one. You have a dream you need to be made real. It could be a from-the-ground-up new home, a sympathetic extension to your existing house, a modernising renovation or anything in between.

Whatever you’re doing, you not only need someone who can create a beautiful design, but who also has the knowledge and expertise to guide you painlessly through the pitfalls of planning permission, budgets, utilisation of space, timescales, building regulations, tenders for work, and all other areas of project management.

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Choosing The Right High-End Residential Architects

As we now know, you have a lot of choices! So how do you choose?

One of the best ways is to look for recommendations – people in your area who’ve used a firm and were very happy. There’s also nothing wrong with approaching a neighbour whose recent extension you love the look of, and asking them who their architect was. You need someone with great ideas and fantastic designs. You also want professional service and smooth efficiency throughout your entire project.

At the end of the day, you want someone you can trust implicitly, whose experience and expertise dovetails perfectly with what you want to achieve, and who is eager to create a bespoke design according to what you want, not what they want.

The best high-end residential architects partner with you from the very earliest stages of your project. They understand your overall desires, what you like and don’t like, and what all your aspirations are for the project. Above all, they can translate all this into sketches and images so you can immediately see how wonderfully your property will be transformed.

Your home is where you live, play and, sometimes, also work. Your architect needs to create something beautiful that’s also going to meet your specific needs for the space. Sacrificing either form or function in pursuit of the other should never be an option – you need a holistic architectural design solution that’s not only unique and extraordinary but also smart, effective and highly practical.

Things To Look Out For When Selecting Your High-End Residential Architect

Your home is likely to be the biggest financial investment you’ll ever make. Don’t put this valuable asset at risk by choosing your architect based solely on price, or at random because “surely all architects do the same thing?” Here are a few red flag areas to watch out for when deciding on an architect:

  • Be wary of architects who are reluctant to include you as part of the design team. They should be communicating with you constantly and making sure you’re an active co-creator on your project.
  • Insist on being kept up to date with costs – both for the project and for their fees. If there are any changes to the original quotes, make sure you are informed immediately – and given reasons for the changes.
  • Choose an architect who’s invested in you as a client, not in furthering his own ambitions or boosting his own ego.

At MarbleAir, we create and transform spaces, taking your project from its initial idea into a beautiful reality. We partner with you right from the very beginning – from feasibility study to design, right through to construction. As high-end residential architects, we design homes that are both comfortable and elegant, as well as being fun and functional. We’re passionate about completing every project on time and on budget and pride ourselves on seamless delivery and exceptional quality.

We’d love to be your architects of choice for your next residential project. Please feel free to contact MarbleAir to chat about how we can make this happen.