What Do Professional Architectural Services Include?

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What Do Professional Architectural Services Include?

Companies which offer professional architectural services need to walk the fine line between understanding exactly what the client wants, determining the best possible options and producing an exceptional final product, on time and within budget.

We must agree that this is no mean feat. 

The talented team at MarbleAir understand this balancing act and have procedures set firmly in place supporting the architectural services offered. 

We’d like to share with you some of the requirements in order to understand some of the conditions and processes that we follow to ensure successful builds and happy clients.  

Professional Architectural Services

Whilst this is by no means an exhaustive list, it does offer a little insight into the requirements and responsibilities of the various stakeholders and how the process unfolds. The process can be usually broken down as follows:

  1. Enquiry, briefing and our appointment
  2. Develop an initial brief
  3. Concept design 
  4. Statutory Permissions
  5. Developed (Technical) design
  6. Manufacturing and construction
  7. Building in use

Enquiry, briefing and our appointment 

Understanding exactly our future clients’ needs and goals are is the foundation of this part of the process. We will take as much time as is necessary to reveal the requirements and confirm the objectives of each stakeholder. 

Based on the information gathered, we will be able to develop a business case for a feasibility study assessing risks and defining the project budget. Our fee proposal and initial project strategy will follow. 

Brief definition 

It’s time to dig a little deeper into the clients’ objectives and their implementation. 

At this point, we will identify numerous design aspects including sustainability targets which will dictate the project direction on many levels. 

We will then work on site appraisals and conduct site surveys completing the gathering of the necessary information for the concept design to commence.  

By this time, we will have worked closely with the client to have a project cost and programme set out and will then identify a procurement strategy. The procurement strategy will inform our actions and project programme later down the line when the contractor is appointed, and construction works mobilised. 

Concept Design and Statutory Permissions 

So now, the exciting element of architectural concept design begins, bringing together and visualising the information collected earlier.  

This is the most creative part of the process, where we like to stay for a moment to enjoy the art of creation! 

Once our client is completely satisfied with the plans, we filter the necessary information down to the sub-consultants, confirming costs and design delivery dates. We would also undertake an engineering analysis from our sub-consulting structural engineer at this stage.

Pre-planning approvals are tackled if necessary, and attention is given to Building Regulation Compliance ensuring that the project falls within the required guidelines. 

Full Plans Submission to Building Control, however, will only be due prior to the commencement of site actions.  

The planning application will follow the pre-planning application advice process. We use our consulting planners and heritage assessors for more challenging alterations. 

Developed (Technical) Design

Certainly, at this point, but also at various key stages throughout the project, our team reviews and updates the sustainability strategy of the project – a factor quite close to the hearts of our dedicated team. 

The science and mathematics now coalesce as the architectural design is translated into structural calculations and disseminated to the chosen contractors. We ensure that the systems, products and materials, standards of workmanship, types of construction and performance in use, are as per the architectural design.

The Building Regulations Application is now submitted, and we continue to liaise with the client as to progress or any required amendments. 

Manufacturing and Construction

Watching a project come to life is incredibly satisfying, and it’s at this point where the concepts and ideas of the team come together and rise up out of the ground. 

Of course, it’s also a busy time for our team who are regularly on-site to monitor progress and conduct quality reviews. The keen eyes of the architectural services team are quick to spot any issues which may result in non-compliance, health and safety issues or deviations from the original programme brief. 

As ever, constant communication with our clients is an absolute necessity. As part of this, we offer regular, comprehensive updates and discuss any required variations or proposed changes. 

Following the build, we conduct a careful inspection of all works and resolving problems with the relevant contractor. 

All required certificates and permits are handed over to the client once the team are satisfied that the project is complete. 

Building In Use 

At this point, we would like to ensure that the original project objectives have been met and the building is ready to be used.  We would also ensure that all the information related to its day-to-day operations and potential future builds are available, and we, therefore, evaluate the building’s performance in use and verify project outcomes – including sustainability outcomes. 

If we have been appointed as a Principal Designer, then we would have prepared the building manual including the Health & Safety File and Fire Safety information. 

We are happy to act as a Principal Design for the project should the client wish to have one. More information can be found at https://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/books/l153.htm 

In Conclusion

The complexities of a new build or even a building renovation can be bewildering to many. However, the dedicated team at MarbleAir are thrilled to offer this comprehensive range of architectural services to our valued clients. 

Will you be one of them?

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