Interior Designer? Oxfordshire-based Architects Are Your Drab to Fab Solution

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Interior Designer Oxfordshire-based Architects Are Your Drab to Fab Solution

Interior Designer? Oxfordshire-based Architects Are Your Drab to Fab Solution

Residents of iconic cities are familiar with the juxtaposition of the old with the new. Historic sites and their buildings have strict laws governing their preservation. Among the historically earmarked structures are magnificent mansions, replete with massive rooms, which are being converted into apartments.

Doing so without breaking any regulations as well as maintaining the safety of the building is no mean feat. So, why are we encouraging a ‘Drab to Fab’ culture? Because, as Oxfordshire Interior designers, we are acutely aware of the importance of making sure that structures remain safe and user-friendly despite their age.

A Grand Oxfordshire Building Gets an Inside to Outside Makeover

Having an address in Oxford immediately arouses anticipation of something dripping in fascinating history. That is certainly the case with the classic beauty of Ockham Court in Bardwell Road.  The structure itself is some 170 years old and was cleverly divided up in the late 70s /early 80s to make 17 well-appointed apartments.

Upgrading the interior transforms old world charm into modern functionality without losing the historic ambience. When MarbleAir were called into redesign the flat in keeping with their new functionality, it was truly an exciting project for the architects and designers alike.

The multiple ideas were difficult to choose between, what with the exceptional bones that we had to work with: Victorian styling with large timber sash windows and semi-octagonal red brick and ashlar stone bays as a start!

Redirecting light and making sense of unconventional wall placements is not for the untrained amateur. With plans in place for the exterior, what are the ramifications that the professionals take into consideration? Let’s explore a few key issues.

Taking up Residence in a Refurbished Apartment

There is nothing more delightful than to live in a building of historic significance. With many a homestead now being converted to independent flats, that possibility is open to many more. The one drawback is the concern that the said renovation is not just skin-deep. No one wants to see anything make-do or make-shift in an iconic building.

As interior designers and architects, we are not talking about popping a fresh coat of paint on to make something look new; we’re talking about structural integrity, safety and beauty.

Many of these wonderful old buildings are made up of lots of sub-divided spaces. Today, however, people appreciate light and open-plan concepts, which often necessitate intensive alterations involving engineers and architects. Finding out who was responsible for remodelling an historic building will go a long way to providing confidence in the safety and integrity of a ‘Drab to Fab’ project.

Our interior design team of professionals here in Oxfordshire will have covered every contingency and accommodated every possible improvement within the defined parameters. All you have to do is move in and enjoy living with modern functionality in the ambience of antiquity.

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Help At Hand

Finding the right interior designers to take something old and make it beautiful again is akin to finding the right plastic surgeon for your makeover. Whether you’re needing a room in your house revamped or looking to convert a large structure into well-appointed apartments, you can’t afford anything less than experienced experts at your side.

Reputation, reputation, reputation is what inspires confidence.

The design team at MarbleAir have a key role for each member, as there are many unexpected issues arising that may be a first for a home-spun renovator but will seldom be new to the pros.

Support Essentials

If one is going to go to all the trouble of revamping even the smallest of spaces, one could find oneself in a boatload of trouble without help from reputable interior designers who understand Oxford’s architecture and building history.

You may want to open up a dark space to let in more light only to find you’ve collapsed a supporting wall!

Working with qualified architects in Oxfordshire with interior design experience will ensure that props are correctly installed by a competent person might just spare you from having the roof fall down on your head. There is everything to be said for the right team with the right support for the smallest to the largest project, to change what could be a nightmare into a rewarding experience with a happy ending.

Asbestos Alert

If there’s one single area you don’t want to be landed with even if you’re just taking one room from ‘Drab to Fab’ and that is to be halfway through lifting old floor tiles or refurbishing a roof only find asbestos present.

Our designers understand exactly where such a danger is likely to occur and have contacts with certified surveyors who need to be called out before safe removal and disposal of any such elements is carried out.

In other words, refurbishing historic homes, irrespective of the size of the project is best done by reputable architects with a team of interior designers – Oxfordshire-based or not. A visit to the MarbleAir website will totally inspire you with backlighting concepts and finishes that are professional, functional and brilliantly decorative. Taking a room, or a house, or a mansion or a castle for ‘Drab to Fab’ is a pleasure for designers with flair and a passion for excellence.

MarbleAir is your trusted partner in both architecture and interior design, capable of creating stylish apartment living within magnificent historic buildings. If you love the challenge of preserving the old and accommodating the new, contact us for courage and inspiration.

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