What Is Trending in 2020 Kitchen Decor?

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What Is Trending in 2020 Kitchen Decor?

It seems that the UK is leading the charge in kitchens trends; showing them to be more than just food preparation and cooking spaces. 2020 will see more and more kitchens becoming the social hub of the home.

Although kitchens need to be functional and organised, 2020, however, is showing a let-up on traditional ideas challenging proposed locations of appliances and utilities such as hobs, cookers, microwaves, coffee machines and sinks.  This is to keep neat lines and aesthetic appeal because the open-plan kitchens are readily in view of key areas such as the main living space and home entrances.

The most prominent trend to that end is that kitchens are treated with as much design and decor attention as the rest of the house. We’re certain you will enjoy our tour of how this is being achieved and which areas you could possibly adapt to bring your kitchen up to speed.

Kitchen Islands in 2020

Kitchen islands have taken prime attention in laying out kitchens. Not only do they feature statement materials like marble or wood, but they are also being repurposed to serve for smarter storage, appliance placement and dining experience.

For example, you can design a large island with integrated appliances such as hob, cooker and extraction fan that are hidden under a sliding breakfast bar. Then, by using two islands and bridging them with a feature wooden tabletop with bar stools you can socialise while the cooking is on the go.

Durability of 2020 kitchen finishes; how nano-coatings work

Next-generation smart materials include innovative nano-coatings. Dubbed ‘anti-fingerprint’ technology is used in hospitals, health care facilities, motor industry and now in our kitchens.  Soft to the touch, fabulously simple to clean, hygienic, durable, mould-resistant and waterproof! Nanoparticles and acrylic resins form matt surface, which cleverly deflects light giving a clean appearance – so desired in modern kitchens. Dust and water simply slide off the surface making it resistant to dry heat present in kitchen areas.

Furthermore, coatings give the surface its own memory and, should scratches or minor damage occur, by applying heat you should restore the surface to its former glory. The industry likes to call it ‘thermal healing’, and it is provided with a ‘magic sponge’, which creates enough friction and heat to repair the scratches. We kid you not!


Quartz Counters Top 2020 Kitchen Trends

To be fair, quartz countertops aren’t so much actual Quartz. Technically, these are more accurately crushed stone with a dash of Quartz thrown into the mix. But that doesn’t stop the material being a topical solution for kitchens since the craze for granite or recent return to marble. 

For this 2020 kitchen trend, here’s how Quartz slabs are made.

Finely crushed recycled ceramic, glass, mirrors, silica, crushed waste granite, amiable and natural stone – which includes quartz are fused together with, sometimes cement-based or polymeric, binders. There are also quartz countertops bound with organic resins.

Smart Technology in 2020 Kitchens

Revolutionary new products are flooding the kitchen design market, which is greatly appreciated by time-savvy families. For example, smart fridge/freezers lead the brigade with Wi-Fi-enabled touch screens and integrated cameras monitoring their contents for you. Remote access via smartphones means you can check on what’s needed at home while shopping.

Coffee makers can be activated via your Fitbit as soon as it ‘realises’ that you are awake. There are ‘intelligent’ frying pans, ovens and grills, that let you know when the food is cooked so you’ll never burn your dinner again! We foresee this being a top kitchen trend for many years to come.

There is already Bluetooth-enabled cutlery to let you know if you’re eating too much or too fast, or both, which might just be the new weight-loss regime to take the world by storm.

‘Connected, intelligent’ kitchens enable control of appliances using smart devices, even when not at home. Self-cleaning pyrolytic ovens remove oxygen from the inside and heat themselves to 500 degrees Celsius to burn off cooking residue and grime, turning dirt into ash.

2020 Kitchen Decor Trends

Although most personal of the trends, we can’t possibly conclude without some comment on kitchen decor. Here’s a quick list:

  • Industrial look using 50 shades of grey with other raw textures like cast concrete, glass, glossy or weathered metal.
  • Wood – used as an accent to soften the stone, marble, granite, and quartz service areas.
  • Ceramic splashbacks promoting creativity and for 2020 the bigger the better can be used as a design feature.
  • Statement colours – are in to offset the dominance of grey or white. Coloured stoves being a 2020 feature.
  • Also, sinks are used as a feature and 2020 kitchen trends favour copper.
  • Larders & Pantries are in too. It great to have space where everything goes, so nothing needs to be visible or to clutter the clean lines and airiness of the space.

To sum up, 2020 promotes a kitchen that is a true hub of the home and at the touch of a fingerprint, just as you like it.

For more information or assistance with your kitchen design and décor, please feel free to contact the team at MarbleAir.