Why You Should Use a Professional Project Manager 

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Why You Should Use a Professional Project Manager 

If you are self building or carrying out a large renovation project or extension, then it is worth employing a project manager. This is especially important if you are working long hours and trying to juggle several other commitments. The two questions you need to ask yourself (and be honest!) are: do I have the necessary experience and do I have enough time and energy to commit to this? More often than not, the answer is “no”. Don’t underestimate the amount of time needed and the level of experience required for your project. Project Manager role is one which should only be undertaken by qualified and experienced individual.

What does the Project Manager do?

You may be wondering exactly what a Project manager does. Broadly speaking, the goal (and role) of the project manager (PM), is to ensure the build is produced on time, on budget and to the quality expected.

Who is the Best Person for the Project Manager Job?

Logically, the best person for the job is the person with plenty of professional experience. Yes, surveyors, architects, and other building professionals are very capable. AT MarbleAir, we perform contract administration, when the project moves on site. Therefore, it is the main contractor who deals with trades, subcontractors, delivery of the building programme prior-agreed with the client and ordering of building materials, delivery times etc. 

Why It’s Sensible to Leave it to a Professional Project Manager

The key to a smooth running project is to ensure all the basics are in place from the start. This is especially important with renovation projects, because with existing buildings you don’t always know what you are dealing with until you get started.

Like anything in life, experience is hugely important. The Project Manager should have all the relevant experience to ensure your project is smooth sailing -but only if their skills match the job.

Furthermore, a good Project Manager will understand basic construction practices, apply for any necessary approvals, manage and check that the build meets legal requirements and so on.

Project Manager & Budgeting

Knowing how to project manage an extension or renovation starts with good budgeting – it really is an essential consideration of the project manager.

The ability to keep on top of the finances is where the value of a professional project manager really comes into play. They are trained to understand exactly what’s needed to bring the project together and can therefore budget accordingly.

Fundamentally, less is likely to go wrong during the project because the project manager will have planned efficiently.

Good Site Management

A good part of the role of the PM involves taking responsibility for site management- things like locating trades, ordering and deliveries of materials and services exactly when needed.

A PM is about more than simply overseeing contractors, it involves organising the jobs; this means scheduling the work and making sure subcontractors know well in advance when they are required, knowing exactly what they will be doing and have everything they need to carry it out. Overall, good communication and decisiveness is the key to the success of the project.

Managing Relationships

Project managers need to liaise closely with the homeowner, but also with neighbours, contractors or trades, material suppliers, hire companies, utility companies and any other professionals – such as building control, structural engineers, tree surgeons and surveyors.

Furthermore, at MarbleAir we support the client through managing relations between the client and the main contractor.

Resolving Issues

The PM is the first person the team goes to when problems, delays or disputes arise. In my opinion, only someone who has project managed something similar will know the issues that can arise. The fact remains that if you have a professional at the helm, there will be less chance of things going wrong or becoming a major problem.


It could be tempting to think that viewing the services of a project manager is an extra cost you can do without. While this is understandable, it is important to realise that a project manager can prevent escalating costs (and timescales!) and actually save you money in the long run.

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