4 Interior Design Trends You Will Be Tempted to Try in 2021

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4 Interior Design Trends You Will Be Tempted to Try in 2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our home has been both our refuge and living and working space. So it’s not surprising that the top interior design trends for 2021 are about making your home the ultimate sanctuary and a place to promote a more healthy and sustainable way of living.   And of course, a place to make memories. When designed well, these spaces have the power to inspire, nurture and give you an emotional lift. 

Here are my favourite interior design trends that are scientifically proven to improve your wellbeing. Happy, optimistic times ahead….

Biophilic Interior Design Trend

Biophilic interior design adopts a holistic approach to interior design. It considers the mental, physical and emotional needs of humans. We all know the health benefits of being in nature; think about how you feel when you are walking by the sea, ambling through the rolling countryside or listening to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

One recent report confirms that:

Biophilic design can reduce stress, enhance creativity and clarity of thought, improve our well-being and expedite healing”  (14 Patterns of Biophilic Design. New York: Terrapin Bright Green, LLC. )

And you don’t need to live in the countryside surrounded by greenery to benefit. Here’s how to get started in your home….


How to create a Biophilic Interior

  • Incorporate green foliage and flowers to help reduce stress levels, purify the air and to boost your oxygen levels.
  • Natural light is key to Biophilic interior design. Keep curtains from covering your window and embrace cleaning your windows as a pleasure! The more light, the better you will feel, even on the dreariest of days.   
  • The interior design’s task is to prevent glare.  Consider installing smart tech to operate your curtains and blinds.
  • Be mindful of your artificial lighting- it should consist of layers and dimmers are the best option to create a relaxing and comfortable space. 
  • If you are renovating or starting from scratch, think about which rooms you want to capture the sun and at what time in the day.   . Consider your layout and window positions, windows should be placed to ensure natural light throughout the interior space.  There’s nothing like large sliding doors, roof windows, or internal glass doors to flood your home with energy and light. 
  • If you live in the city and your natural views are less than beautiful then decorate your walls and space with art work, treasures, memories and objet d’art that are inspired by nature.  If you don’t love it, then get rid of it! Then relax and admire the views.
  • When choosing your materials and furnishings opt for natural, organic materials, and textures like jute rugs, bamboo chairs and earthy colour schemes to reflect nature. It’s not just about the aesthetic but the multi-sensory responses.  

Sustainable Interior Design Trend

Sustainable interiors is one of the biggest home interior trends of the past few years, but rather than being a passing trend, it is well grained in our lives as a lifestyle choice. As society begins to really care about where things are sourced, who made them and their carbon footprint, more and more businesses are committed to sustainability and eco-friendly furniture and furnishings.

Sustainable Furniture and Fittings

Here’s how to get started…..

  • Sustainable furniture can be made from a material that is easily renewable, such as wood or bamboo, made from waste materials or from a product being recycled.
  • The days of fast furniture is over, consumers now buy with intention and a desire to opt for quality, investment  pieces that will stand the test of time and preserve the planet.  I love Sebastian Cox or Timothy Oulton for stylish, sustainable and simply stunning products.
  • Check the manufacturing processes are environmentally-friendly and don’t produce high levels of carbon emissions.
  • Sustainability also means it’s best to shop locally to ensure you keep your carbon footprint low and the impact on the environment to a minimum.
  • What about paint? Yes, paints can be made out of recycled, natural, or bio-based content. Choose low volatile organic compound (VOC) paint, such as Farrow & Ball.

Japandi Interior Design Trend

Simplicity is the centre for human needs in minimalist design of the “Japandi“. (Dr Hatice Ozhisar)

This is interior design trend is defined as the fusion of Japanese style with the Scandinavian aesthetic that is functional and minimal. It’s a way of life, rather than a “style”, and embraces the a philosophy of “less is more”.

Simple and Functional

How to create the Japandi style

  • Keep it clean and free flowing with uncluttered interiors. Love cleaning? Great, this interior style is definitely for you. Make every day a cleaning day!
  • There is a strong connection with nature: look to natural and raw materials with natural textures and simple plants.
Connect with nature
  • Think open and bright spaces incorporating organic forms and lots of wood.  Combine the dark wood of Japanese design with the lighter wood tones of Scandi design.
  • Inject the Scandinavian warmth into the space with texture and muted greys and blues and sumptuous soft furnishings.
  • The Japandi philosophy celebrates craftsmanship with a focus on quality, beauty and function. Prioritise the relationship between simplicity, beauty and function. 

Individualism and Creativity

One of the most important design trends of 2021 ignores the above trends and focuses on individualism and personalising the space for yourself and your family, your values and passions. Here’s how to get started…..

  • Think bespoke cupboards, bespoke staircase, bespoke wardrobe, bespoke wine rack- in fact bespoke anything!  If you can dream it, you can create it.
  • A statement piece is a must. It will transform a room and transform your mood. One big piece of abstract art—like the Untitled 7 below from Cb2 blog.
  • Prioritise anything that has meaning for you. Ask yourself, is your interior meaningful to YOU? Make sure you really LOVE what’s in your space. Get rid of anything that frustrates you.
  • Customise your furniture- add hand painted details to your kitchen or carve out your initials on your work desk.
  • Don’t ignore the little things that you use everyday: such as your switches or handles. These finishing touches provide both pleasure and purpose.
customise your living room
source: studiohdesign

The New Year (and especially this coming year) is THE best time to approach a fresh perspective and bring new energy into your home. I’m embracing “out with the old and in with the new”. Whatever you decide follow your heart.

What interior design trend will shape your 2021? Leave a comment or let me know here. I would love to know. https://marbleair.com/contact/