How to Bring Warmth to a Minimal Space

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How to Bring Warmth to a Minimal Space

The minimal space is stylish, ultra cool and wonderfully calming but can feel cold and uninviting if you’re not careful.   So, we have put together our top tips to help you create a space that’s still clutter free, cosy and warm.

Use A Neutral Palette in Your Minimal Space

First and foremost, decide on a base colour palette with 2 or 3 varying warmer tones that are restful on the eye and offset the clean lines, this brings a welcoming look with warmth and without overwhelming the space. However, white should be considered a tone and not just a single colour, as this can look too cold and uninviting. I also prefer to use an eggshell or satin paint finish as a flat colour is very stark, especially if it’s a white paint.

A neutral palette doesn’t mean you can’t introduce a cosy hue for a study or a pop of colour. Just stay away from busy patterns and focus on clean lines to maximise the feeling of space and light.

Furniture First for a Minimal Space

To start, build your room from a functional base. Keeping your minimal aesthetic and finding the balance between the size of your home and the right amount of furniture can be a challenge. This means getting your furniture just right before you start thinking about decoration. In a cosy minimalism room, simple but tasteful pieces should be your focal point. This makes spaces flexible as well. Minimalist furniture is timeless and doesn’t necessarily set the tone of a room. It’s simply the beginning of a functional foundation which you can build on top of. You can go wild with a pop of colour or go louder with the details to create interest.

Layer Texture to Your Minimal Space

The absence of a lot of colour doesn’t have to equal dull spaces. Once you have a neutral canvas of your space, start adding layers into your room. Try layering tone on tone with contrasting colours, alternatively layer with different textures in your furnishings. This could be the weave of your upholstery or adding a sheepskin rug.

Texture can be also introduced in your finishes too, like a stone fireplace, a marble tile splashback in the kitchen or timber flooring. Doing this will add another dimension to the room and it also helps it feel more homely.

Keep Materials as Natural as Possible

We always recommend keeping materials as natural, honest and simple as possible. We suggest warm grain wood flooring throughout (with the exception of the bathrooms), even in bedrooms – just add large sumptuous rugs. Add dramatic floor to ceiling linen curtains for added warmth, large floor pillows for cosy vibes, textured wall art and mirrors and upholster your bed in a soft wool fabric. I like the bedroom to feel extra cosy and if your bedroom is light and airy, warming it up with an additional layer of texture is very important.

Tip: Think about all your senses when creating your space and try not to select anything too ornate; keep the lines simple.

Add a Touch of Nature

Due to the pared back nature of minimalism, touches of nature are perfectly suited to its simple aesthetic. Style with statement branches, flowers, shells and baskets. Remember, that adding organic materials will help keep your look from becoming sterile.

Give Your Minimal Space a Metallic Accent

There is a misconception that warm minimalism can’t be luxurious. You can add lux and warmth with metallic accents like copper, brass and gold- and you don’t need much to make an impact!

Lighting Creates Warmth in a Minimal Space

Lighting is important to add into any room to make it feel warm and functional. The right lighting can add depth and warmth to create inviting spaces. I recommend 3 types of lights for each room; a central ceiling fixture, task lighting for reading and accent lighting to darken, brighten or highlight something special.

We all know that warm, low-lit rooms are the best places to relax in the evenings. Don’t underestimate the value of a fireplace. Whether it’s a contemporary fireplace or if it’s traditional wood, the comfort of a fire creates the ideal minimal and cosy room.


When warm minimalism is done right it creates a calm and warm haven for living. Experiment with your furnishings and accessories, be creative and have fun!

If you need assistance with your next interior project, contact us today and let’s create your beautiful home together.