Why You Need a Local Architect

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Why You Need a Local Architect

Whether you are thinking of a complete bespoke build, a structural overhaul of a sensitive listed building or a contemporary glass extension, creating your dream home requires planning and attention to detail. Whatever your ambitions, a local architect nearby may well have some advantages.

What are the benefits of choosing a local architect?

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A local architect will have local planning knowledge

It’s really important to work with an architect that understands the local planning area. Planning regulations can differ from one place to another, which means it makes sense to have an architect who knows how things operate in your area. While planning permission for certain projects can be contentious, regardless of the size of your project, it pays to have someone who is familiar with your planning authority. It can make all the difference and will give your project the best possible chance to obtain planning approval.

If you own a listed property, one of the biggest challenges around listed building works is getting listed building consent applications submitted and approved with the relevant councils. At Marble Air, this is something we have a lot of experience doing on behalf of our customers. We can guide you through the listed building consent application process, liaise with the relevant authorities and building control, and make sure you have all the paperwork in place before any work is done to your property, so you don’t have to worry about any legal problems down the line.

Your local architect will have local knowledge

It’s really important to work with an architect that knows the local area to maximise the value of your home. From understanding the local architecture styles to whether local materials need to be acquired and used in the design of your build to stay in keeping with the rest of the locality, this is where your local architect will prove invaluable.

Whether your property is listed grade I or II, our heritage experts invest considerable time in researching the background of a property, understanding its usage over the centuries, and identifying any planning issues.

Your local architect will have local contacts

Your local architect will have great relationships with local suppliers such as structural engineers, party wall consultants, building control and of course trusted contractors.

A personally involved architect is enormously useful for coordinating contractors and dealing with questions or problems as they arise.

Furthermore, a local architect will be more likely to be able to recommend a local builder. They may well have worked with builders in your area on similar projects.  Having this first-hand recommendation, as well as a good working relationship between your architect and builder, can be a real advantage.

Due to our presence in the area for many years, we work with a trusted network of builders and craftsmen, giving you piece of mind knowing you are working with with an ethical and professional team.

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Use local suppliers

Obviously, many building materials and fittings can be sourced nationally, but there may well be some things that you’ll want to source locally.

You may be committed to reducing waste and minimising the environmental footprint of your project, therefore sourcing local materials is one advantage of using a local architect. We are committed to protecting the environment and minimising the damage done through the design and build of new projects.

A local architect should have a good knowledge of suppliers in the area, and may even have access to trade discounts. We have a bespoke list of local preferred suppliers ensuring the use of innovative, good quality building materials at the same time creating positive relationships where we live and work.

Easy site visits and meetings

When an architect is local to you, it makes it easy for them to visit your site and to meet with you. It’s still essential that you meet with your architect face to face. A convenient location is essential so that you can visit them (and they can visit you!), build a rapport and discuss more complex elements of the design. It can be much easier to understand something if you can have it explained to you in person rather than over the phone.

Our architecture and design teams are on hand and there to help you form the very beginning, we work closely with you through the entire process- our service is uniquely crafted to suit your requirements. Constant communication and meetings with our clients are an absolute necessity.

In conclusion

We think hiring a local architect is important. Their convenient location means they will be more readily available for short notice meetings or questions that you may have, and they will be on hand without adding travel and traffic into the mix.

No doubt they will also know the area well, they may have good working relationships with the local council, and they may well be able to recommend trusted local contractors who they have worked with before.

At MarbleAir, we are experienced architects in Oxford and surrounding areas and we would love to help you create your dream home. Please feel free to contact MarbleAir to chat about how we can make this happen.