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Why Use an Architect ?

6 Things That Could Go Wrong During Your Building Project Without An Architect

A building project is a complex task. It involves a multitude of experts, and requires perfect planning from the onset to ensure everything goes smoothly. Unfortunately, some individuals lack the knowledge and experience to ensure their projects go smoothly. As a result, they end up paying more, missing deadlines, and having a bad overall experience.

Much of this can be avoided by hiring an architect. While hiring an architect may appear expensive at first, they can help to spot errors before they occur and plan adequately to minimise unexpected costs in the future.

How much an architect will cost me?

In a recent enquiry we received, an individual had hired a construction company based on planning drawings alone. They soon realised that issues were going to occur with the kitchen layout, which was becoming difficult for them to coordinate. As a result, they needed our assistance.

Using this case study as an example, here are 6 things that can go wrong with a building project without the support of an architect.

1) Lack Of Design Specifics

Despite what many YouTube tutorials will tell you, building projects are complex. This means the better you plan, the more smoothly the process will go. Unfortunately, without an architect many projects are flawed before they even begin. In this particular example, the construction drawings weren’t as thorough as they needed to be. As you can imagine, this creates a number of issues…

2) Higher Unexpected Costs

Due to a lack of design details, unexpected costs quickly increased. Without an adequate and detailed design, the construction company had little to work with. As a result, mistakes were made. This caused costs to rise quickly, which put restraints on the individual’s initial budget.

3) More Construction Faults

A bad design forces construction teams to improvise. Unfortunately, this rarely works out well. It often results in additional construction faults, which cause the project to take longer than required. Furthermore, time and resources are wasted, which further drives up unexpected costs.

4) Coordination Errors

Building projects require a multitude of specialists. Electricians, plumbers, flooring specialists, kitchen specialists, glazing companies, and more. Due to the amount of experts on site, coordinating can be difficult even when everything goes to plan. If the building drawings have errors however, coordination can feel impossible.

For example, certain specialists could turn up at the wrong time in the building process, and the client will have to pay for their time. Furthermore, there may be confusion over the final design. This could cause delays, more construction errors, and frustration among those working on the project.

5) Lack Of Project Knowledge

Before, during, and after a building project, builders and other experts are going to have a lot of questions. These will help them to clarify the details and ensure everything meets your standards. However, without the right knowledge (and the knowledge of an expert), it’s difficult to know what to ask for.

For example, you may be unaware of which product is superior or how a certain finish will look once the work is complete. This can cause faults with the end design, and create a divide between what you expected and what was actually delivered.

6) Missed Deadlines

According to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), 42% of building project deadlines are missed, with delays averaging at 7 weeks. While many factors contribute to these delays, a lack of organisation and knowledge from the start of a project can be a significant factor.

So, what should you do to ensure your building project goes as smoothly as possible?

Firstly, contact an architect before you start. Having an architect by your side will ensure you can plan everything from the ground up.

Why You Need a Local Architect ?

What Do Professional Architectural Services Include?

Working with an architect will give you peace of mind that your project is in good hands. From the onset you can be confident that you’ll get the result you want. And, with the use of 3D technology, an architect can bring your building project to life before it’s finished.

Additionally, an architect can also ensure you get your desired result within your desired budget range. According to a 2019 study by KPMG, 69% of construction projects in the UK go overbudget by at least 10%. Working with an architect can help minimise costs by ensuring the smaller details of the project are in place before you get started.

Lastly, working with an architect ensures that you have a reliable expert to fall back on. No matter how complex your project is, an architect will be available to answer your questions, help advise the construction team, and ensure everything is running as it should be.

In summary, by hiring an architect you prevent many of the things that could go wrong during your construction process while maximising what you can do with your budget. If this sounds like something you need, give us a call today, and we can get started!

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