Listed Buildings Architecture

“A building is listed when it is of special architectural or historic interest, considered to be of national importance and therefore worth protecting” – Historic England

Trying to have architectural and building work done on listed properties can feel like an impossible and thankless task sometimes. At Marble Air, we believe it should be painless for you to achieve your dream space, while still maintaining the beauty and the historic qualities that led to it being listed in the first place.

We are experienced in the conservation, restoration and refurbishment of all property types, including listed buildings. Listed building work requires a lot of knowledge and a delicate hand, which is why we have spent many years building our knowledge and gaining experience working on listed buildings. We can work on any heritage site, listed building or site of important historic and architectural significance, providing the correct consents are all in place. If you don’t have them, we can help there too!

Getting Listed Building Consent

One of the biggest challenges around listed building works is getting listed building consent applications submitted and approved with the relevant councils. At Marble Air, this is something we have a lot of experience doing on behalf of our customers. We can guide you through the listed building consent application process, liaise with the relevant authorities and building control, and make sure you have all the paperwork in place before any work is done to your property, so you don’t have to worry about any legal problems down the line.

Whether your property is listed grade I, II or III our heritage experts invest considerable time in researching the background of a property, understanding its usage over the centuries, and identifying any planning issues.

This research means we can provide local and national authorities (such as English Heritage) with the information they need to approve projects. And it enables our designers to retain and preserve the beautiful, historic qualities of a property – ensuring its enjoyment for future generations.

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They Say

'When I decided to remodel my house, I knew I wanted something a bit different. Anna designed a great new layout, which turned my boring 70's house, into a fantastic modern, light and bright house, doubling the size of the bedrooms, and opening up the downstairs, producing an area which, as a family, we now use much better. The red cedar cladding on the extension looks amazing - I have had many complimentary comments on the design, from passers by. Anna kept careful records of all costs, and the project only just crept over budget, due to some unforeseen costs. I would recommend Anna to others, as she has a lot of good ideas. Anna also managed the project, which made things a lot easier for me.'

Melanie Seares

They say

'​We have a successful working relationship with MarbleAir; they're driven by design and detail and offer enthusiasm in all their activities. We refer our customers to them and look forward to many years of delivering more successful projects with them.​'​

Darryl Roberts & Mike ​Farquhar
AVINU - Home Technology

They say

'Our dealings with Anna from MarbleAir have been nothing less than a welcome change! Her approach is diligent, resourceful, professional and the ability to take on board new criteria which may not be apparent from the outset. We look forward to working with her on future projects.'

Yen Dai / Environment Logic Ltd